1. My entire series LOW is on display at the North Carolina Museum of Art 09.13.14 - 03.22.15 in the exhibition Private Eye. Collector Allen Thomas Jr. will be giving a talk about his collection and the exhibition tonight at 6pm. Come see us.

  2. 08.05.14. New work: PF Flyers & Todd Snyder. Check it out here. Art direction by Adam & Co.

  3. 08.04.14. I have three new pieces in the exhibition “Documentary" at the PCNW. Curated by Whitney Johnson of The New Yorker.

  4. 07.24.14. New work: Liverpool FC vs. AS Roma for Boston Magazine here. Francesco Totti, AS Roma.

  5. 07.14.14. New work with Adam Larson of Adam & Co.

  6. 06.26.14. New work. Coincidentally, the girls have been asking me to play “We Will Rock You” all week. Mud on your face…

  7. 06.13.14. New work. #run

  8. 06.03.14. New work for Rhode Island Monthly on Open Spaces in the June Issue. Clover & Poppy got to sneak in as subjects.

  9. 06.02.14 Russian Esquire recently posted a feature on Wild + Precious

  10. 05.22.14. New work. Summer is so, so close.

  11. 05.22.14. Wild + Precious collaboration with the film The Cold Lands.

  12. 05.21.14. The North Carolina Museum of Art has recently acquired the entire Low series.

  13. 05.20.14. New Work. Shave (private commission and book.)

  14. 05.20.14. New work. Steven Grasse for Men’s Journal Magazine.

  15. 05.19.14. New work. Liana Krupp for Boston Home Magazine.